Italian garden design

Italian garden design


The Italian garden is a symbol of a precise garden that refers to a scheme that organizes the vegetation in the best possible way. There are no spaces where nature can be left in a spontaneous state, but every corner must be cared for and adapted to this style. The design of the first Italian-style gardens involved the use of rather large spaces, where labyrinths with plants were also created. Today, although the Italian garden has remained one of the most particular models that many draw inspiration from, in order to be able to create it even at home, it is mainly inspired by what are the fundamental elements. It must be considered that the concept of the garden has profoundly evolved over time and today this space is always enriched with new elements that relate to the well-being of the person, such as the swimming pool or whirlpool. For this reason the spaces undergo a very different subdivision that tries to adapt to the customer's needs. Currently introducing the Italian garden style into a space means above all creating it by drawing inspiration from the basic principles of this style. The Italian garden provides for the presence of precise shapes in the boxwood plants. With this shrub it is possible to recreate the most unusual forms by creating a structure on which the plant can grow. The vegetation therefore must not be left in its natural state, but must be followed by man so that it has a very precise shape. The arrangement of the species must comply with the climate of the area and Mediterranean species are especially preferred. Furthermore, the design of the garden certainly cannot be improvised so it is necessary to know this sector carefully to avoid inserting elements that do not correspond to the philosophy of the Italian garden. A person particularly interested in gardening can also decide to personally approach the construction of his own garden, otherwise he can contact a company. Design today takes place mainly through the use of computers with programs that allow you to establish the layout of each single corner. The design, even if carried out by a company, is always agreed together with the customer who will have the task of deciding and accepting the proposals presented. The design work of the Italian garden focuses above all on the shape to be given to the garden and on the choice of plants. The customer must also have clear ideas about the elements he wants to include in his garden and the portion he wishes to dedicate only to the green space. During the design phase, in relation to the arrangement of plants and flowers, the irrigation system and the lighting system will also be traced. This is a rather important phase to avoid that after the garden has been built, it is necessary to intervene to insert other elements. Only the furnishing accessories could be chosen at a later stage, because within the Italian garden we find both statues and fountains.


The accessories relating to the Italian garden once represented real architectural works that became monuments over the centuries. Today, obviously, not everyone can afford works of a certain value to be placed in the garden, but interesting solutions can be found at outdoor furniture stores. The statues often reproduce Greek myths and the ornamental fountains become the central element of the garden. Size and materials are a choice that in addition to being related to the customer's tastes, must always be made keeping in mind the proportions of the garden. In addition, there are those who prefer to place a single imposing statue that can attract attention, while those who want to have more decorative elements of smaller dimensions. To be enhanced, these accessories require a good lighting system that allows them to be highlighted even during the evening hours.

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Italian garden design: Costs

To find out the costs related to the design of an Italian garden, it is necessary to contact a specialized company, which, after evaluating the space available to build the garden, will be able to provide indicative prices. Anyone wishing to make it personally will only have to buy the plants and furnishing accessories and dedicate the time necessary for the realization. In addition to the construction cost, it is necessary to add that related to maintenance if you have to contact a professional gardener for plant care.

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